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Christmas Minis 2016

2016 Christmas Mini Sessions2016 Christmas Mini SessionsStatesville NC portrait sessions with Santa

We are so excited for our set of Limited Edition Sessions in our brand new studio! We moved in during the last week of October and we're anticipating an awesome Holiday Season! We're going to kick it off with our super popular Santa portrait sessions. 

In response to customer requests, we've simplified our packages:

For $75, you can get either 3 digital files, 50 holiday cards, or 3 gift prints.

For $100, you can get printing rights for your entire gallery, 50 holiday cards AND matching address labels, or 8 gift prints.

Of course, add on options will be available, as well.

Schedule online now before all appointments are booked!

Statesville's Most Deserving Woman 2016

We received 78 nominations for 2016 Statesville's Most Deserving Woman. While we received many moving submissions that pulled at our heart strings, we could only select one woman to be recognized. Our panel of judges spent an afternoon reviewing all of the entries one by one and finally narrowed it down to one person.

We received many nominations for fine, upstanding citizens of our great community. Our project strives to recognize someone who goes above and beyond their daily duties. It's no small thing to have found one's calling in life and to excel at that job. It's wonderful to take care of aging and ill parents. It's heart-wrenching to battle cancer and all the other difficult things that life throws at us. 

What I, and the panel of judges, use as our measure in voting, is a story that speaks of someone who impacts our community in positive ways - in ways that are more than what their job description says, more than being a good mother, child, and friend. 

This year, we felt that Samantha embodied all of this. Her nomination began in telling us that she'd been battling a brain tumor which had thankfully been diagnosed as benign. As a result of the tumor, she suffered from dizziness, migraines, and more. She pushes through and still cares for her one year old daughter while working full time as her husband travels for work.

We all certainly empathized with this, but it alone did not meet our desire to find someone who reaches out to others. What the nominator continued to write made the difference. She describes how her friend has become a mentor of sorts to a youngster in our community, how she's gone out of her way to take a coworker back and forth to work when needed. She described how, instead of selling furniture or other household items they no longer use, she will seek out families in need rather than selling it. She spoke of all the different things she does at work that help her associates and that are beyond her job description.

The final paragraph of the submission states:

There is nothing this lady wouldn't do for anyone in her community. She doesn't even have to know a person to help them. If she sees a need she does whatever she can to fill it even if it isn't convenient for her or she doesn't have much to spare.  If anyone is deserving of some time off and pampering it is her.​

It was all of the ways that she is a positive influence to many, all while fighting her own struggles, while working full time, while her husband works out of town, that made the difference for us. After a tie-breaking vote, it was determined that Samantha Black was Statesville's Most Deserving Woman of 2016. 

Immediately after making our decision, we called the nominator, which is a friend of Samantha's. From there, we began furiously making plans for our big day. Jessica, Samantha's friend, was integral in pulling everything off. She worked closely with Samantha's husband, who luckily was scheduled home this weekend! There was quite a bit of story telling and white lies told to keep it all a secret, but alas, April 30 dawned with Samantha having no idea she'd been nominated OR that she'd won!

We arrived at her house with Jessica and the Sheri Allison team comprised of Sheri, Ivy who was our daily photographer, Bobby who recorded video all day, Bridget who has been a fantastic help in planning, and Donna Donaldson, who was last year's Statesville's Most Deerving Woman. 

Samantha was expecting Jessica so they could go to breakfast, but she was NOT expecting us! Donna read Jessica's nomination and Bridget pinned a beautiful corsage from Downtown Blossoms. Jessica presented her with a lovely bouquet from Johnson Greenhouses, and after a few photos and a few more tears, Jessica and Samantha enjoyed a ride in a gorgeous town car from K-Towne Limo.

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman Statesville's Most Deserving Woman

Our first stop of the day was to Beth and Company where Samantha enjoyed a manicure and pedicure.

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

After a relaxing morning getting her nails done, we all went next door to Sweet Thing Bakery & Cafe where the owner, Preston, greeted Samantha and invited her to get some treats. Samantha's husband and baby, Hailey, came in and surprised her.

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman After enjoying some delicious pastries and drinks, we went to Salice Boutique where the girls there greeted our winner, and we let her know she had a $100 shopping spree to enjoy! She selected a few pretty blouses and off we went to our next surprise!

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

Once we finished at Salice, we walked across the street to the Sheri Allison Photography studio. We stopped for a few photos downstairs, and then Samantha was greeted by some coworkers and friends upstairs! We had all of her gifts and certificates on display and we had lunch, which was catered by Kirk's Catering and Carryout (and it was delicious!)

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

After visiting and lunch, we sat her down for a little more pampering. Samantha had her hair styled by Lisa Dulka from the Hot Spot and then had her makeup professionally done by Shi of Vamp! 

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

Once Sam's makeover was complete, we went back across the street to Wine Maestro. Liz, the owner, greeted us and led us to a cozy sitting area that they have in the shop. We had sweets from TZ Kreations and some lovely bubbly refreshment. Brandon and Hailey joined us again after Brandon had taken the baby for a little nap.

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

Our next stop was for a family session at the Gregory Homestead, which is maintained by Iredell Museums, who graciously granted us permission to access the property for the session. After the session, we just had to stop by the Prince mural and then we headed over to 220 Cafe. We met back up with Jessica and her husband and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner accompanied by live music which was all contributed by Kelli, the owner of 220. It just so happens that the day after Samantha's big day is her husband's birthday, so we had to surprise him with a little cake after dinner.

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

At the close of our evening, it was pouring rain and we bid Brandon and Samantha good night by sending them to their final surprise of the day which was a night at the Kerr House Bed and Breakfast. Ashden Campbell had created a delicious dessert tray, which we had waiting for them at the Kerr House.

The fun didn't end there! We arrived at the Kerr House Sunday morning with The Pink Boutique's owner Kelly, who treated Samantha to a $200 shopping spree!

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

Following her shopping excursion, Samantha and Brandon enjoyed a lovely breakfast prepared by the owners of B&B.

Statesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving WomanStatesville's Most Deserving Woman

All in all, it was incredible experience for all of us, and I certainly hope it was for Samantha. She was given a total of $10,745 in gifts and services!!! Many, many thanks to each and every person who helped to make this happen. I certainly could not have done it alone.

For a complete list of all of the contributions, click HERE





CLASS OF 2016-2017 | Session Giveaway

In continuing our 10 year anniversary celebration, we're ecstatic to announce our biggest offer of the year!

We are giving away TEN sessions for Class of 2016 OR 2017 Seniors. Not only are we waiving the session fees for 10 sessions, we're ALSO including a complimentary 11x14 Gallery Wrapped Canvas with each session!

Entering to win takes just a little bit of effort and a few minutes of time. We've created a questionnaire with 10 questions. The answers can be found within our website, blog, and Facebook page.

For every 5 entries with correct answers that we receive, we will give away 2 sessions!

The fine print:

  • Limited to Class of 2016 or Rising Class of 2017 High School Seniors
  • Please don't share the answers with your friends - let them find their own! Honor system in place on this one!
  • Pre-session consultation with parent or adult guardian is required
  • Reveal and canvas selection to be held approximately 1 week after the session at the studio
  • No additional purchase is required although prints, wall art, albums, and digital files will be available
  • Contest ends April 30, 2016 or when 25 submissions have been received, whichever comes first
  • Sessions must be completed by May 20, 2016
  • No monetary value
  • Any area seniors are eligible (Statesville, Mooresville, Hickory, etc.)
  • Other terms may apply

NC Senior PhotographerNC Senior PhotographerStatesville NC senior portraits

So, how to enter? Complete THE ENTRY FORM and submit it for a chance to win a session and canvas - a $425 value!

Be sure and include accurate contact information as this is how we will notify you if you've won!

Flashback Digital File Pricing | Anniversary Celebration Offer

Even in the very beginning of our business, we recognized the delicate balance between the importance of having family portraits professionally printed vs the desire to "have them all" via digital media. 10 years ago, and even today, many people feel that purchasing a CD will allow them to archive their precious photos.

Did you know that many computers don't even come with a CD drive? Digital media storage is constantly changing and evolving. Floppy disk, anyone? 

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE my digital files and I completely understand the inability to narrow an entire session down to three or four pieces for the wall or even 15-20 in an album. I freely admit that digital files have a place and serve a purpose, but it does not replace printed photographs

Because digital files purchased from Sheri Allison Photography include a release for unlimited personal reprinting for your entire edited gallery, you can make as many copies of each image in any size at the lab of your choice. For this reason, digital files are the most valuable item offered in our product lineup.

Although I believe in professionally printed portraiture with all my heart, I also know that many of my clients simply prefer digital files and I am here to serve. SO, as part of our 10 year anniversary celebration, we're going to enjoy flashback CD pricing! That's right, you can schedule a new family portrait session and enjoy a significant savings! You can purchase a CD from your session for just $495! Naturally, a few terms apply:

  • We will only honor TWO offers per month at this rate
  • Excludes weddings, events, corporate 
  • Does not include session fee
  • Sales tax additional
  • Other terms may apply

Contact me ASAP to schedule your session and don't forget to mention that you want to take advantage of this amazing offer. Remember, we are only honoring this price for two sessions per month during this special. 

Family Portrait SessionFamily Portrait SessionStatesville NC photographer

Dream Big, Little One | Grace 7 days new

Statesville NC photographerStatesville NC photographernewborn hot air balloon photo in Downtown Statesville