Welcome! We like to share specials and portrait sneak peeks from our sessions in Statesville, Lake Norman, and the surrounding areas. We'll also post special announcements here before we post them anywhere else!

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions | Statesville NC portrait photographer

This year's Mommy and Me mini sessions are going to be so much fun. The location is a hidden little gem in downtown Statesville and will make for beautiful portraits.

We're offering three different scheduling opportunities with some great print pricing. Email me or message me on Facebook to reserve your appointment.

mommy and memommy and me mini sessionsStatesville, NC professional photographer mini sessions

Sean and Keyla and Their Super Fun Engagement Session!

I met Sean and Keyla a few months ago and we clicked instantly! They are SO our kind of couple: quirky, fun, silly, sarcastic, and open for just about anything while totally trusting our vision and style. Our relationship with them is a match made in heaven! I think one of the things Keyla is most excited about is our new Client for Life program; she's actually one of the first ones to be a part of it!

We have met several times and talked extensively about their wedding and we got to work together for the first time last week for their engagement session.

We decided to have the session at Sean's grandparent's home, and I think it was just perfect. There are great colors and textures to add visual interest and depth, but more importantly, they are meaningful to the bride and groom and their families. 

Engagement photos in Conover, NCEngagement photos in Conover, NCprofessional portraits for engagement session

The most photographed generation = the least printed

This article really hits home for me.

Let me explain:

You know how you love looking through your mom and grandma's old photo albums? Making fun of the way they dressed you and their old hairstyles? Even looking at the cars they drove, the way their houses looked?

What about when a loved one passes away; don't photographs of them instantly become so precious and absolutely invaluable

Don't YOUR children and grandchildren deserve those memories?

This is part of why our business model includes hand picked, high quality, professional prints and fine art pieces. Pieces that will literally last for generations. This is why we put so much of heart into each image we create; we recognize and honor the importance of these photographs. Yes, even "just" a cake smash or a Spring Family session. They're all pieces of your family's history and they all deserve attention to detail, and they all deserve to be printed and preserved.

And sure, let's be honest: 

Professional portraiture is an investment. It's true. It's not cheap. And yes, you can print at any number of consumer labs, big box stores, drugstores, and even online services. Heck, you can even get a canvas super inexpensively. 

The same goes for any number of items you might purchase, and yet, there are always alternatives:

  • Casio  vs. Citizen
  • Garanimals vs. Matilda Jane
  • Kia vs. Mercedes
  • Great Value Mayo vs. Duke's (don't laugh - y'all know this is non-negotiable for some of you!)
  • Motel 6 vs. Ritz Carlton
  • Merona bag vs. Coach 
  • Great Clips vs. Beth & Co (for you Statesville residents)
  • McDonald's vs. Ruth's Chris
  • Myrtle Beach vs. St Maarten
  • Cover Girl vs. Sephora
  • Nine West vs.  Louboutin
  • Suave vs. Aquage
  • David's Bridal vs. Vera Wang

You get the idea. In our every day life, there are limitless options from the uber cheap to the luxurious and it's all about priorities for each and every one of us. I'm not embarrassed to say that I totally drive a Kia and I don't mind the Great Value Mayonnaise, and I have friends who dress their children in nothing but Matilda Jane. 

But we're talking about your family legacy. Yes, you use your MAC makeup every day, and yes you love your Dooney and Bourke bag. I know I love the one I received as a gift from a dear friend!! But of all the things in your daily life, what would you grab if there were a fire? What will your great-granddaughter cherish long after you're gone? After the wedding gown is safely preserved, and the thank you notes have been sent, and life settles into a routine, what will remain? When your heart longs to revisit the happiest of times in your life in order to bring comfort during the difficult times, what will you reach for?

Photographs. It's all about printed photographs. Not a CD. Not a flash drive. A true to life, physical photographic print.

And yes, as I said, you can print at any number of places. But will those 29¢ 4x6 prints fade in 10 years? 20? Will that album that you got free with a coupon code withstand the test of time? Will that canvas become loose on the frame? Will it even arrive stretched tight with sharp corners? Will your black and white photos have a green tint?

When you invest in professional portraiture with Sheri Allison Photography, you're not only investing in a small business owner - which is always a plus - but you're investing in quality Fine Art pieces and archival quality prints for your family that will stand the test of time. You're gaining my years of experience and knowledge gained from continuing education.

In trusting me not only to capture these precious memories, but also to consult with you through the entire process, you'll gain peace of mind in letting me determine the proper cropping needed to showcase your imagery beautifully. I'll be ensuring that they print with the proper tones and colors and there will be no guesswork on your part. You'll be investing in albums, prints, and wall art that will shine in the light of your family for years and years.

Photo Wall Gallery by Statesville Photographer Statesville professional photography

We have had the honor of working with both of the families shown in these photos for many years. We've done an engagement session, wedding, and new babies for each family and we've done several mini and extended family sessions, as well. Not only did they see the value of scheduling a session to begin with, they each realized the importance of printing and displaying their portraiture with professional quality products.

They each submitted a cell phone picture of just some of the photographs they've each commissioned us to print for them. They have each ordered many archival prints and Gallery Wrapped Canvases in a multitude of sizes, and they each allowed me the pleasure of designing their wall galleries!



FLASH SALE! 11x14 Prints

UNCC | Senior Portraits with Charlotte Area Photographer

One of the most rewarding parts of being a small business owner is the ability to customize the experience for each client.

Nieka's mom contacted me earlier this year so that we could discuss her youngest daughter's upcoming graduation from UNCC. She wanted to celebrate this milestone with professional portraits and it was quite humbling to know that of all the photographers they could choose, that they selected me.

After meeting at the Sheri Allison Photography studio in Downtown Statesville, we decided on products that fit not only their budget, but also ensured they would have the products they needed to document such an important time in their lives. Naturally, we had to make sure we had enough shareable prints for family, plus some nice prints for mom's house! Rather than just handing over a price list and clicking the calculator, we  chatted at length and came up with a plan that mom was thrilled with.

I did all the planning with Nieka's mom and so I didn't actually meet Nieka until her session. We connected immediately and we had a fantastic time! She was a natural model and seemed so comfortable in front of the camera - even though she said she was nervous!

Charlotte area photographer UNCC Senior Portraits

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