Welcome! We like to share specials and portrait sneak peeks from our sessions in Statesville, Lake Norman, and the surrounding areas. We'll also post special announcements here before we post them anywhere else!

Boudoir Sessions | More than just the photos

I photographed my first boudoir session almost 6 years ago and in that time, I've heard plenty of women express their fears about experiencing their own session. Insecurities about stretch marks, body size, and blemishes are often cited as the reason a lady doesn't want to schedule.

"I don't look like the ladies in your portfolio!", they say. "I need to lose weight first", they say.

What they really mean is that they are terrified about the idea of literally baring all for the camera. Stripping down to the skivvies is bad enough. Doing it in front of the camera!? It's enough to make a girl a little woozy.

I'm here to tell you it's not as scary as you think. It's super fun. Like, giggling, laughing, girls day out fun. Like I've laughed with clients during sessions so much we both had tears in our eyes and had to try to compose ourselves before we could take another shot!

So, there's that. The sessions are fun. Then, there's the fact that you get to come in and get beautified by a professional hair stylist and makeup artist. You become a version of you that you might not even know existed. A version of you who sees herself for the lovely, sexy, wonderful woman that the world sees.

But ultimately, it's about giving yourself the gift of you. Time and time again, I've been awed by the responses that my clients give me after their session. Many tell me they had no idea they could be so pretty (duh! we didn't change who they are!), that they finally see themselves as their spouses see them, that they feel empowered.

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Boudoir Photos Statesville NC

Ally said of her experience, "Thank you for such an unforgettable experience! I've honestly have never felt so beautiful in my life! This experience has boosted my self-esteem and has made me more confident in myself!"

and Jennifer said, "Before I met Sheri, the thought of being photographed in my underwear was enough to cause a panic attack! Three pregnancies have taken a toll on my body and how I ever agreed to this photo shoot I will never know.......but it was the best decision ever!! The finished photos allowed me to see myself through my husbands eyes! I didn't see a tired, over worked mom. I looked hot!! Sheri helped me to get my self confidence back by capturing the woman I am. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!"

10 year Anniversary Flash Back: 2006 | Noah and Caleb

 This session from June 2006 was one of the very first official "shoots" that I ever did. Noah and Caleb's Daddy is a firefighter and their mama and I thought a session at his fire department would be awesome. Although my skill set has grown by leaps and bounds and I've greatly upgraded my equipment, I still remember this session as being one that showed me I could actually make a business out of this crazy notion to be a professional photographer.

10 Year Anniversary Flash Back

Christopher + Paige | Fall Engagement Session at the Farm

When Paige suggested having their engagement session at her Grandparent's farm, I was excited about the possibility and I loved that it had so much meaning for her and her family. When we got there, it was more than I could have hoped for! Although it was late in the Fall, we still had gorgeous foliage left on the trees and the weather was absolutely perfect with a clear blue sky. Her grandpa's truck made me drool and I'm secretly hoping they give it to me one day soon!

We explored the property and made sure that we included landmarks with special meaning as part of the images. You'll see an old farmhand's house, an outhouse, barn, the infamous truck, and even their college letterman jackets featured.

A few tips for planning your engagement session:

  • Select a location that it significant to you and your fiance: family property like Christopher and Paige did, the place you had your first kiss, a favorite spot to spend time, where he proposed, etc. It will make your photographs even more valued.
  • Decide if you want to feature the same season as your wedding and plan accordingly. Some couples like to have their engagement photos be done the same time of year that their wedding will be, and some like to have something different. Often, we'll do engagements in the Spring, Bridals in late summer, and then have the wedding in Fall.
  • Select clothing that coordinates well together but isn't matchy-matchy. Chris and Paige did a great job of this by having Chris in a solid color shirt that went well with Paige's patterned sweater and solid top.
  • Think about your plan to display the engagement photos and discuss this with your photographer. Do you want to make a guest book for your guests to sign at the wedding? Do you want a large print to go in a mat and have them sign that? Do you want to display small prints on the tables during the reception? 
  • Plan to have fun! This session is all about the two of you and your love for each other! Let it shine in your photos. For many of our clients, the engagement session is the first professional photos they've had done together. This can cause some jitters, but don't fret; the sessions are painless, and dare I say, even FUN!? 

Fall Engagement Session


Tyler & Katie {Engagement Session at Danner Farms | Statesville, NC}

Tyler and Katie are one of the cutest, sweetest couples we have had the pleasure of working with. We had met several times before their engagement session, but seeing them interact as we worked through the session really showed their fun personalities and love for one another.

We decided to complete their engagement session at the same location where their wedding will be next Fall - at Danner Farms in Statesville, NC. It just so happens that the day we scheduled their session was the final day of the Carolina BalloonFest, and as luck would have it, there were some beautiful hot air balloons flying directly overhead as we started the session! 

Danner Farms Engagement Session

Michael + Cammie | Lake Hickory

Michael and Cammie exchanged wedding vows in Cammie's home church in Hickory and then followed the ceremony with a beautiful reception at Lake Hickory Country Club

Cammie sang to Michael during the ceremony and it was so touching. You could see and hear so much emotion as she gave her heart to him in that moment. It was beautiful and emotional and intimate and I am so honored to have been able to not only witness it, but to document it for them. 

Their wedding colors of sapphire and pink perfectly accented their fairytale romantic theme. 

Lake Hickory Country Club reception


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