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Statesville's Most Deserving Woman 2017

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We received 42 nominations for 2017 Statesville's Most Deserving Woman. There were many, many moving entries, but ultimately, the judges had to make a decision to elect ONE to be named Statesville's Most Deserving Woman.

While we received many nominations for wonderful women in our community who work tirelessly to support, love and encourage the people in their lives, this project endeavors to recognize someone who is MORE. It's fulfilling to have found one's calling in life and to excel at that job. It's commendable to take care of aging and ill parents. It's unfair and heartbreaking to battle cancer and all the other difficult things that life throws at us. 

What the panel of judges and I use as our measure in voting, is a story that speaks of someone who impacts our community in positive ways - in ways that are more than what their job description says, more than being a good mother, child and friend. 

Our 2017 winner embodied all of this and more.

Yes, she's a mom of three. Yes, she's active in her church. Yes, she serves on many outreach committees. But as her nomination stated, "she does this and so much more".

Part of the submission states:

The real heart of HER is shown in the way she FEELS. When you are happy, she is joyful with you. When someone is hurting, she genuinely carries that hurt with her. She hurts with you and she sees you through the hardship. And while I consider her my very best friend and privy to such treatment, she does this for everyone in her life. She cares so much that it is almost hard to conceive how she has so much room in her heart. To know her briefly, you would never know she's ever had to endure any kind of hardship. She's just such a strong person and uses hardships to strengthen her and her faith, it's almost a tool. Her perspective is inspiring.

The nomination submission then goes on to tell us of how this lady experienced heartbreak when her baby was born 14 weeks early and this mama and her family spent months in the NICU with a "worst case scenario" prognosis. 

Unfortunately, many people endure this type of storm in their lives, but it's what our winner took from this experience that moved us. 

The submission went on to eloquently state:

The experience she and her husband endured through this storm has stirred a passion for families that is unmatched by many other human. Every year, she spends hours shopping and cooking and baking to take food to families that are spending their time in a hospital at the holidays awaiting their sweet babies to be ready to go home. She donates her time, her money, her blood and a piece of herself whenever she can. If she's got it and can spare it, she's giving it to whoever needs it!

Recently on the way to a concert with her husband, she had her husband take a detour to a hospital in Greenville, SC so she could drop off a care package she put together for a mom she knew with a preemie in the NICU.

We could go on and on about the amazing way this lady impacts our community, but suffice it to say, she makes a positive impact on our community in a way that few do. After a huge discussion amongst the judges, it was determined that Hannah Behrer was Statesville's Most Deserving Woman of 2017. 

Immediately after making our decision, we called the nominator, Brittany, who is a friend of Hannah's. From that point on, we moved into a flurry of planning and scheming with Brittany, Hannah's sister and Hannah's husband to prepare for the big reveal day.

On the big day, we arrived at Hannah's house with the Sheri Allison Photography team comprised of Sheri, Bobby who recorded video all day, Bridget who has been a fantastic help in planning and who was our daily photographer, Bridget's daughter, Karlyn, who was a great assistant all day. We met Hannah's mom and sister right outside Hannah's house.

Hannah's husband had asked her to get ready to go out for breakfast early that morning, so she up and dressed. She was not prepared for us to be at her doorstep! We presented her with a lovely bouquet from Johnson Greenhouses, and a corsage from Downtown Blossoms. We introduced ourselves and read the nomination. We then whisked Hannah and Halley and Hannah away and they enjoyed a ride in a gorgeous hummer limo from K-Towne Limo.

Video of arriving HERE

Our first stop of the day was to Beth and Company where Hannah enjoyed a massage and a hair style. (videos HERE and HERE) From there, we went next door to Sweet Thing Bakery & Cafe where the owner, Preston, greeted us and invited her to get some treats (included in previous video). Hannah's husband and children came in and surprised her and were able to hang out for some sweets.

After enjoying some delicious pastries and drinks, we went to Salice Boutique where the girls there greeted our winner, and we let her know she had a $100 shopping spree to enjoy! (Video HERE) She selected a few pretty blouses and off we went to our next surprise!

Once we finished at Salice, we walked across the street to La Fresca Foods, Inc, where they presented her with a gift basket and then we went downstairs to the Sheri Allison Photography studio. Lunch from was ready and waiting as was our Mary Kay Representative, Erika Sloan, who treated Hannah to a facial and makeover. Hannah was also surprised with some visits from friends and family and was presented all of her gift certificates and other gifts.

After visiting and lunch, we headed out for the next surprise: Manicures and Pedicures at Mega Nails! (video HERE)

Once Hannah and Halley were thoroughly relaxed, we drove out to the northern end of the county for Hannah's next gift: a family photo session at McLelland Farms! (video HERE)

The last stop of then night was at the 220 Cafe in Downtown Statesville. Halley took Hannah's kids with her to spend the night and we surprised Hanna with her parents joining us for dinner. 

It was an awesome day, filled so much joy and laughter and we were honored to have been able to give this day to Hannah. She was given a total of $6,509 in gifts and services!!! Many, many thanks to each and every person who helped to make this happen. I certainly could not have done it alone.

Statesville's Most Deserving Woman 2017Statesville's Most Deserving Woman 2017

Full List of Participating Vendors and Prizes:


  • Sheri Allison, Owner, Sheri Allison Photography
  • Bridget Merritt, lifelong resident of Statesville Community
  • Susie Wiberg, Iredell Statesville Schools
  • Ashley Stevenson, Community Member
  • Preston Canter, Owner, Sweet Thing Bakery







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