At first I was nervous about the session but after getting all dolled up and got into wardrobe, all of those nerves disappeared. Very laid back atmosphere and I enjoyed the session. I would recommend it to others. The make up/Hair team is out of this world! The photographer is even better!!! The trio of a team is so amazing!!! Step out of your comfort zone and just relax and enjoy it!

Charlotte Area PhotographerCharlotte Area Photographer

Sheri was amazing! I was very nervous prior to my shoot, she made it very comfortable. I advise anyone looking for a way to feel better about themselves to do a shoot with Sheri! She will tell you upfront that everyone is beautiful and your images will look like you. She encourages you throughout the shoot and very professional! Sheri will go out of her way to make sure you are happy with the results! Sheri Allison is a fantastic and talented lady!

NC BoudoirNC Boudoir

AMAZING! The entire experience was fabulous, from scheduling with Sheri to hair and makeup to my session! I was nervous upon arrival but once I started with hair and makeup everything melted away and I was super excited! Sheri made me feel very comfortable and I had such a great time! I would definitely do it again it a heartbeat! Lake Norman PhotographerLake Norman Photographer

I was very nervous walking into my appointment, but by the time I sat down in the chair to get my make - up and hair done, I was completely at ease. The ladies made me feel and look beautiful.  Sheri was very professional yet easy going. She made me feel comfortable even when there was little left to the imagination.  I would recommend her for any occasion! Statesville NC PhotographerStatesville NC Photographer

Before the session I wasn't really sure what to think other than, Wow! I'm really coming out of comfort zone to do this. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't like any of the pictures because I'm not seductive enough or would I even feel comfortable enough! There are no words to describe how I feel about my pictures! Sheri is amazing! Not only did she make me feel at ease about everything, her work is breathtaking. She knew exactly what to do to make me feel super sexy! When I sae my pictures, I could not believe my eyes and that I was the girl, in the photos! Again, truly breathtaking! Thank you, Sheri!

NC BoudoirNC Boudoir

I came in super excited, but was a little nervous about the session! As soon as I walked up the stairs, I was greeted by 2 amazing women, and I immediately felt like family. The ladies made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I would highly recommend every girl I know to book a ssssion with Sheri, Shi, & Jessi! Everyone deserves to feel the way I did after my session!

NC Boudoir PhotographerNC Boudoir Photographer

Thank you for such an unforgettable experience! I've honestly have never felt so beautiful in my life! This experience has boosted my self-esteem and has made me more confident in myself! Thank you for everything Sheri!!!!   NC Boudoir PhotographerNC Boudoir Photographer

Before I met Sheri, the thought of being photographed in my underwear was enough to cause a panic attack! Three pregnancies have taken a toll on my body and how I ever agreed to this photo shoot I will never know.......but it was the best decision ever!! From the booking process to picking up the finished product, Sheri has been amazing! I felt so comfortable and relaxed it was almost like I forgot where I was and what I was doing. The shoot was very laid back and Sheri went above and beyond to direct poses and facial expressions. The reveal of the finished photos allowed me to see myself through my husbands eyes! I didn't see a tired, over worked mom. I looked hot!! Sheri helped me to get my self confidence back by capturing the woman I am. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! My husband was so shocked when I gave him the little black book. It was something so outside my comfort zone that he never imagined I would have this done. He said it was a gift he would treasure forever.

NC professional boudoir photosNC professional boudoir photosStatesville photographer

Working with Sheri was great. The session was scheduled easily, she answered my questions beforehand, and the session itself was very relaxed. Sheri wanted to make sure that I was able to get the poses/backgrounds that I wanted, and took the time to look at/read emails that I sent before our session to get an idea of what I was wanting.  The "beauty team" did an excellent job and I felt like Beyonce when they were done working their magic. I would highly recommend Sheri.

Statesville NC boudoir photographerStatesville NC boudoir photographerNC boudoir photo session

Sheri does an awesome job! I was very nervous but she makes it fun! Ladies go visit Sheri you will not regret it!
Statesville Boudoir PhotographerStatesville Boudoir PhotographerNC boudoir photographer

*Amazing photographer* No better words to describe the wonderful talent of Sheri Allison. I was lucky enough to win a free boudoir session and Sheri made the whole experience very easy. She instantly makes you feel like you've known her forever and it's just a fun fun time! Very easy and at the same time extraordinary. Sheri has been my family photographer for years and I can personally say she has an amazing talent to capture not only the image, but the personality of her subject. My session was wonderful with a product that made me feel far more beautiful then I've felt before! There's no other choice when it comes to a photographer. Sheri is simply the best!

Boudoir session in Statesville NCBoudoir session in Statesville NCNC boudoir photography

I decided to do a boudoir mini session with Sheri. I was a little self conscious and nervous. Sheri is amazing and made my shoot very comfortable. I could not believe how AMAZING the photos turned out. I have never felt so gorgeous.  My husband loved them as well. Sheri is truly amazing.

Boudoir photographer in NCBoudoir photographer in NCStatesville NC professional photography


Sheri, you made me feel so sexy!!! Amazing photographer and love my pictures!! Thank you for making me feel so special and having a amazing time during my boudoir session!!! You are so talented and your work is awesome!!! I can't Thank You enough for an awesome experience!!!I recently did a boudoir session and I am in love with my photos! The entire experience was so fun and my image box with prints is fabulous! Sheri certainly knew how to make me feel beautiful. I would definitely do another session!

Sheri is such a sweet person and a talented individual. She made me feel comfortable during our shoot. I laughed and laughed!!! If you want quality and comfort I would point you in her direction any day!! Thanks Sheri!!! XOXOXO

 Boudoir Photos Boudoir Photos Wedding gift - professional boudoir photography

My boudoir session was amazing! Sheri makes you so comfortable and the glam squad makes you feel as gorgeous as you've ever been! Highly recommend her as an all around photographer but for boudoir as well ♥♥


I had an awesome experience with Sheri and her dream team Shi and Jessi! After two children and ten years of marriage I actually felt sexy! Thank You Girls, y'all rock!!

I had so much fun! I love all my pictures. It was some experience. I would so do it again one day! I recommend every girl to have this experience at least once. :)

I had the best time! Sheri has a way to make you feel so at ease and I wasn't a bit nervous like I thought I would be. I never felt photogenic before till my session! Best experience! Photos turned out amazing! You won't be disappointed!

On December 6th I had my first photo session with Sheri Allison. WOW!!!! I really had an amazing time! Sheri made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. After reaching my goals in weight loss and being self conscious after surgery with my scars, I never viewed myself as sexy, but I sure felt it today. I felt like a supermodel!! I would seriously recommend this experience to ANYONE who wants to get back in touch with her feminine side! My intent was to take these pictures for myself, but it turned into a tremendous experience for me and really gave my confidence a huge boost to share with my boyfriend.. I have never felt so good about myself and I can not wait to book another session with Sheri.

When I showed up for my pics with Sheri I was so nervous!!  I had several moments where i tried to back out.  I have never in my life considered such a thing, but after several long texts with Sheri about my anxiety...I went.  Ended up being so fun and exciting... I was so comfortable with Sheri.  She did an amazing job, and I have never felt so beautiful and dare I say "hot" in my life.  I didn't even know i could look like that.  Definite confidence booster, and my husband loved the pics!! He was shocked and pleasantly surprised... So glad I did this, and really glad Sheri was the one behind the camera!

Sheri did Boudoir photos for me for my husbands 40th birthday and she was wonderful! And my husband was super excited to see his wife so HOT!!! Thank you Sheri for taking time with me and my photo shoot I enjoyed every minute of it. My pictures that I had printed through Sheri were beautiful and very professional. I am beyond happy and excited that I decided on Sheri Allison Photography....thank you again Sheri for EVERYTHING!!!

Sheri was fantastic to work with! She helped me create a very special anniversary gift for my husband this year ;) she really made sure that she captured everything I was hoping for!

I had the best time working with Sheri and taking my boudoir photos for my wedding day. Sheri is a blast to work with and our session was so much fun! Not to mention my pictures were everything I would have hoped for and more!

Doing boudoir pictures with Sheri was so much fun. At first I was very nervous and hesitant to takes these kinds of pictures because the thought of being in front of the camera ‘naked’ was very intimidating. But Sheri made me feel very comfortable when we took the pictures. I ended up having a lot of fun doing it! It also gave me self confidence once we got the pictures back and I saw how great and sexy Sheri made me look. I will definitely be doing boudoir pictures again in the future. And I plan on having all of my photography needs done by Sheri. She is great!! She made my wedding day special, she took the best bridal pictures, and not to mention the great boudoir pictures!


First of all, I absolutely adore Sheri. She has been the very best friend I could ever imagine for years. Actually, my boudoir session is what spawned our friendship.

Sheri and I share a mutual friend who recommended I contact Sheri for  a boudoir session. Like most, I was extremely self conscious, apprehensive and nervous. But most of all, curious! I am also adventurous and am up for a challenge! But there was absolutely no need for caution or nerves. Sheri is beyond professional. She makes you at ease and makes you completely comfortable.

Since my first session, I have assisted in several sessions. She and I share the same passion for empowering women and making them feel beautiful.

Whether you want a boudoir session for yourself or for your significant other, go for it! It will be the very best time you have! You will feel beautiful, wonderful and confident.

I had been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for my husband for about a year when I heard about Sheri's Valentine's special.  I'm so glad I made the appointment!  Sheri made me feel so comfortable and at ease and she was open to hearing what I wanted out of the shoot.  The pictures turned out so great! It really was a confidence booster for me and I think that every woman should try it at least once in their lives!  Thanks Sheri for a wonderful experience and a fabulous job!!


I had a wonderful time with Sheri, it was not uncomfortable at all! I had a really good time and was able to take an hour to forget that I'm a mom, student, daughter, etc. I could just be me. When I saw the pictures, I could not believe it was really me! Sheri did an artful job posing me and then editing them to make me look my very best! They are pictures I'll cherish, because they remind me of the beautiful woman I am, that we all are.

It is expected to be nervous when doing these typeso f photos, but it is amazing how quickly Sheri can calm your nerves & make you 100% comfortable. It was a privilige to work with such a professional & talented photographer. Every picture looked amazing and I very much look forward to doing this again.